Secret Cookies (0.5g Mix Micron Live Rosin Jam) | Olio

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Although the true lineage of secret cookies was never released by Seed Junky Genetics, we do know that it was crossed with the Kush Mints. Believed to be derived from a cross of Cherry Pie with the legendary Kush Mints #11. This sour cherry and dough flavored strain have notes of minty citrus and fuel. Paired with a giggly, euphoric, and happy high, great for stirring creativity. Reviewers say its versatility makes it easy to consume in the morning or at night. Secret Cookies will meet and exceed expectations of fruity, fuel tones, and a pleasantly balanced experience of euphoria and exquisite taste


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    Secret Cookies (0.5g Mix Micron Live Rosin Jam) | Olio
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