Tropsanto (1.0g Live Rosin) | Good Chemistry

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Effects: sleepy, happy, giggly

Benefits: anxiety, depression, stress

Aroma: sweet, funky

Taste: earthy, piney

Top Terpenes: pinene

Description: Tropsanto is a mesmerizing indica that combines the illustrious GMO and Tropicana Cookies. Its light green buds, sprinkled with orange pistils, glisten under a heavy blanket of trichomes. Tropsanto has nice fluffy buds and a perfectly balanced dry, sticky cure. A sweet and funky aroma intertwines with earthy undertones and its earthy and pine flavor captivates your senses with every toke. Tropsanto consumers have reported that a relaxing sensation washes over you, offering both physical relief and a tranquil state of mind.


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    Tropsanto (1.0g Live Rosin)
    Tropsanto (1.0g Live Rosin) | Good Chemistry