The Farnsworth Flight | Farnsworth

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Farnsworth Fine Cannabis cigarettes are tobacco-free, full flower cannabis pre-rolls wrapped in organic hemp paper with a luxury length filter for a smoother smoke.

The Farnsworth Light—the mildest blend—offers a bright, heady lift. This uplifting mind high is ideal for daytime use. Light in intensity, it is accompanied with a functional effect that can be creative, energizing, and stimulating.

The Classic offers a pleasantly buzzy bliss, medium in strength. In effect, the Classic is euphoric and best smoked on the dance floor or socializing with friends.

The Farnsworth Bold offers a full-bodied relief. Heavy in intensity, Bold makes for a perfect nightcap. Good for pain relief, pondering, relaxation and sleep.


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    The Farnsworth Flight | Farnsworth
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