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Type: Indica Hybrid
Genetics: Chemdog 91 BBX2 x Chem Krush (SFV BX2 x Chemdog 91)
Effects: Relaxing, Calm, Happy
Aroma: Sweet and smokey fuel, hash & pine
Taste: Pure gas can profile of chem and petrol
Benefits: Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Euphoria
Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene
Description: Double Krush is an indica hybrid with aromas of pine and cheese. It reportedly has uplifting mental effects in addition to a deep relaxation without the sleepiness common to indicas.
You know what they say- Krush is King. This infamously rare hybrid is all gas, no brakes- gifting bragging rights to anyone who smokes it. Double Krush will launch you into total relaxation, krushing any stress or tension from your day.


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    Double Krush (1.0g Pre-Rolled Joint)
    Double Krush (1.0g Pre-Rolled Joint) | Nature's Heritage