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Horace is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Banana OG X Nigerian strains. Although hard to find outside of the Seattle and West Coast areas, Horace is a patient favorite for its heavy level of potency and head-spinning effects. The high has a subtle build of effects, starting in the head before spreading throughout your entire body. You’ll feel a cerebral lift that fills you with a sense of euphoria and focus, all wrapped up with a creative happiness.

Wax is a type of cannabis concentrate named primarily for its appearance and texture. Somewhere between gooey, liquid concentrates like hash oil and solid, brittle concentrates like shatter, wax has an opaque appearance and a thick but malleable, wax-like texture.

Storage & Usage:
A dry cool place, like the refrigerator. Keeping them cool will make them easier to handle and help preserve terpenes

Dabbing/Wax Pen:
Use your favorite dab rig or electronic rig to heat the material to consume. Also can be used in any wax pen with a kiln/coil.

Top a bowl or add to joint:
Apply a little bit to the top of a bowl or inside of a joint to boost flavor and potency.

CBG 1.1%
CBN 0.06%
TAC 95%
THC 87.05%
THCA 49.72%


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    Horace (1.0g Live Resin)
    Horace (1.0g Live Resin) | Nature's Heritage
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