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Despite their furry, four legged appearance, our pets have a lot in common with us as humans, on both a physical and mental level.

Our new pet remedy now contains a synergistic blend of Full Spectrum CBD combined with sustainably sourced Omega-3 and Organic Chamomile. Research now shows that essential fatty acids can naturally help the endocannabinoid system function optimally and enhance the effectiveness of CBD (Dr. Sulak, 2018). Omega-3 and CBD have both been shown to support bone & joint health for our furry friends. Although CBD is faster acting, Omega-3 can work with CBD to have long lasting effects. In addition, we formulated our pet remedy to also include Organic Chamomile! Chamomile and CBD are both very gentle herbs that have been shown to calm nervousness, decrease inflammation, and support our pets digestive system. This new combination of herbs will work synergistically to provide more support than what CBD alone can offer.



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    Full Spectrum CBD Pet Extract
    Full Spectrum CBD Pet Extract | Root To Vitality
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