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One rip from our Blueberry Cupcake vape carts and
you’ll swear someone just pulled a dozen cupcakes out of the oven! The taste of vanilla and blueberries punctuate the inhale and blend with a sweet doughy flavor on the exhale. Each smooth draw is reported to push you deeper into calm relaxation as the effects start behind the eyes before creeping into the body for a wonderfully soothing effect. If you’re craving something sweet for later in the day, then peel the wrapper off one of these Blueberry Cupcake vapes.
Our Valorem Stainless Steel cartridges combine the best value with the highest quality possible. Employing a ceramic atomizer and matched threaded ceramic mouthpiece,
these 1g Cartridges are medical grade, and manufactured in ISO9001 in a UL Certified Factory.

Our cartridges are filled with ultra-refined THC distillate sourced from the highest quality cannabis and terpenes available. Most importantly, a percentage of each of Valorem’s Vape Cart purchases are donated to social equity programs right here in Massachusetts.


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    Blueberry Cupcake (1.0g Distillate Vape Cartridge)
    Blueberry Cupcake (1.0g Distillate Vape Cartridge) | Valorem
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