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Silver Kush is a sativa-dominant mix of Silver Bubble and OG #18 genetics bred by DNA Genetics under their Reserva Privada label. The uplifting effects of Silver Bubble blend with the potent relaxing force of OG #18 to create a strong sativa-driven hybrid that won’t overstimulate you with a heady buzz. Instead, you may find yourself happy, giggly, and balanced as your stress dissipates. It should be noted that a genetic variation of Silver Kush is marketed by some as a cross of Super Silver Haze and OG Kush.

500mg pure Rise Liquid Live Resin (LLR) cartridge crafted from premium fresh frozen flower.

A vape cart is a glass cartridge pre-filled with a half-gram of cannabis oil. This oil contain various combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from cannabis.

Vape cartridges come in many forms: 510-threaded cartridges (the most common), as well as some proprietary forms like Pax Era Pods and Airo Pro oil cartridges.

Vape cartridges work in conjunction with vape pen batteries. The vape battery will power an atomizer in the cartridge that heats up the oil, activating the various chemical components in it. You then inhale the vape smoke, which produces the effects of cannabis. Some vape batteries have multiple functions that enable temperature customization and dose management.


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    Silver Kush (0.5g Liquid Live Resin Cart) | Cresco
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