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The combination of 9lb Hammer and Straight Fire, 9 Alarm is a nicely balanced strain that brings out the best of both its parents. Its aroma is laden with mint, sweet melon, and berries, while its flavor is similar with added earthy notes. A very relaxing, mentally stimulating, cheerful and creative mental high goes hand in hand with a heavy, sedating, couch-locked body high, making 9 Alarm a perfect after-work strain, or at least a great option for when there’s nothing important left to do!
Albariño is a cross of Grape Pie and Lemon Tree, a strong terpene profile provides great flavors of grape and sweet stone fruit. It’s top terpene is Linalool. This Sativa leaning hybrid is made by Melting Pot in the great state of Maine. This particular pheno selected by Firefly Organics, was chosen for its strong pungent aroma with heavy notes of citrus and sweet stone fruit. The high is uplifting and with a strong flavor to match, its pungent nose is sure to please even the most seasoned smoker.




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    9 Alarm (1.0g Nug Run Sugar)
    9 Alarm (1.0g Nug Run Sugar) | Harbor House
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