Dried Mango Slices (100mg 20pk) | Forbidden Fruit

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Taste the tropics even in New England. Naturally sourced whole mangos dried at peak ripeness will bring your edible experience to a whole new level! Mangos and cannabis contain myrcene, the terpene responsible for the calming effect you feel when you consume cannabis.

You might have heard that eating a mango before smoking or taking an edible will help enhance your high. It’s thought that the myrcene in mangoes helps break the blood to brain barrier that allows the cannabinoids in cannabis to act faster.

20 Dried Mango Slices with 5mg of THC in each. A great source of fiber. Pairs well with:
– Salsa
– Honey
– Champagne

Forbidden Fruit is America’s first THC-infused natural dried fruit.
Sourced from the finest quality real fruit, dried to perfection, then infused with high quality cannabis distillate to create an experience unlike any other.


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    Dried Mango Slices (100mg 20pk)
    Dried Mango Slices (100mg 20pk) | Forbidden Fruit