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Famously known as the parent (along with Chem ’91) of the original Sour Diesel strain, Mass was a rare and outstanding phenotype discovered in an ’86 seed pack from the Super Sativa Seed Company’s (now Sensi Seeds) Super Skunk by a grower named Weasel.

Massachusetts Super Skunk is a highly energetic strain that serves as a perfectly functional daytime high. Although it is not commonly found, Mass is widely held as one of the premier skunk strains, and highly regarded among cannabis enthusiasts.

The flavor: Featuring strong Chem Dawg and Diesel similarities, Mass has a pungent flavor of sweet skunky and fuel with soft creamy undertones to round out the sharp petrol notes. A distinct coating of the tongue lingers in the mouth.

The cloud: The smell of recently puffed Massachusetts Super Skunk is highly aromatic. Its predominant scent is on the sweeter side of skunk, but it is punctuated with soft citrus—something of a cross between lemon and mango.

The high: Massachusetts Super Skunk offers an uplifting sativa high that ranges from a mild, very natural-feeling buzz to an electrical, energetic charge. Surprisingly versatile, it also can produce a clear, introspective, cerebral experience, creating space for clarity and self-reflection. It is excellent at stimulating creativity. Mass is also reportedly useful for depression and mild pain relief. This creeper sets in after about 10 minutes.




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CBG 0.18%
THC 28.59%
THCA 28.24%
Bisabolol 0.09%
Limonene 0.2%
Linalool 0.16%


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    Mass. Super Skunk SlackPack (3.5g Pre-Roll Pack 0.5g 7pk)
    Mass. Super Skunk SlackPack (3.5g Pre-Roll Pack 0.5g 7pk) | Trailstix