Jungle Cake (1.0g Pre-Rolled Joint) | Good Chemistry

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Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Relaxed, Creative

Benefits: Stress Relief, Euphoria, Blissful

Aroma: Earthy, Sweet, Citrus

Taste: Citrus, Sweet, Pepper, Earthy

Top Terpenes: Valencene, Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, Phellandrene

Description: Jungle Cake is a hybrid strain with a perfect balance (50/50) between Indica and Sativa. Its genetics descend to a crossing between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake.. The flavors of Jungle Cake provide a refreshing tropical combo. Citrus is the prevailing flavor, but it perfectly connects with sweet and peppery flavors, accompanied by a slight note of earthiness. All of that comes with a noticeable pungent undertone that makes the final cut. Brings a powerful high that slams one with a punch of euphoria and uplift. That immediately connects with the sense of relaxation, which doesn’t affect the ability to move, but sends the consumer to a pleasant, blissful state. Moreover, Jungle Cake increases creativity that combines with a feeling of happiness that only deepens the effects.




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    Jungle Cake (1.0g Pre-Rolled Joint)
    Jungle Cake (1.0g Pre-Rolled Joint) | Good Chemistry
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